What parents enjoy about reading

When you buy a children’s book, you are investing in more than just images and words on paper with the potential to become a dust collector on your shelf. 

You’re investing in Learning
You’re investing in Connection
You’re investing in Sharing
You’re investing in Quiet Time
You’re investing in Interaction & Engagement
You’re investing in Stillness
You’re investing in a Love of Books and Reading
You’re investing in Imagination

When you invest in my children’s book, not only do you experience all of the above, 

You experience Playfulness
You experience Joy
You experience My Love, My Creation and My Love of Creation!

How do I know? That’s the intention and energy I bring to my creations. But instead of me blowing my own trumpet, I needed to know what other parents get from reading to their kids. I asked over 20 brilliant mums and 1 brilliant dad (so far) to share with me what they as got out of reading to their children. More specifically, I asked them ~ 

What’s in it for you when you read to your children?
What do you enjoy about doing it?

They shared some really cool, insightful and amazing reasons. I especially recall the ones I spoke with in person because of how their eyes lit up as they were lost in their memorable moments. Sparkly, sparkles.

Now, I know you’re generally supposed to build up the momentum to the announce the winner at the end, but this one is sooo good that I want to celebrate it first! (And I do end with a she-bang, anyway.) The most cited reason that parents read to their children is they do it for the love of Learning! Snaps and High 5 to that!   

One doctor BM (brilliant mum) shared ~ because of his dyslexia etc, he enjoys when he recognizes words and it makes him feel good.  I love seeing his reactions to whatever it is.

A dear BM sister observed ~ I got to see them learning the things I was reading to them and seeing their brains tick about the content.  

Learning. Yay!  Now, what else did they relay?  Ah, equally rated are SharingConnectionand Quiet Time as their rewards. Just feel the heart in these words … 

A creative BM relayed ~ It’s one of my favourite things to do with my daughter. I love cuddling with her while we read and sharing an adventure with her by using our imaginations.

A dear author/illustrator BM expressed ~ The love of a gentle moment in which my boy is actually sitting still. I feel a responsibility to instill a love of books and learning.  It’s a gift of time, hugs and a moment to pause and be present with him.

Super BM considered ~ it was a special time of connection and reconnection after parts of our day being separate. I enjoy it because we can be in the moment and I can make the story exciting.

The joyous BM remembered ~ Felt more connected and we had the same books nearly every night.  I loved seeing their reactions and eyes light up.  It was really important to read to them as special bonding time.

The token BD (brilliant dad) contributed ~ I liked how my daughter really listened and absorbed what we were reading.  I loved seeing her mind ticking over and her watching my animations out of the corner of her eye.

Are you getting a sense of the preciousness these BP’s (brilliant parents) experience each day? Yeah, truly! There’s still more!

Interactionand Engagementwere rated as their key benefits.

It’s a two way street this BM shared ~ I still sit and read with my boys, but now they read to me. I love hearing how they feel what they are reading, full of emotions.

We can all relate to this BM ~ Most of the time, I didn’t get immersed in the story I was reading, but more the time sitting, snuggling and being. 

This brainy BM reported ~ It was calm and allowed us to teach at a relaxed time of the day. I taught using phonics not abc per se. It allowed us together time and creative positive time rather than fitting it in to a busy afternoon. Enjoyed just being us and imagining together.

I felt like I was gifted a secret when I read this BM’s thoughts ~ As parents we enjoy reading to the girls, particularly as it is one on one. It’s a lovely moment from a long day of everyone’s busy day. One thing it opens up is discussions on different topics and vocabulary they haven’t used or heard of. It also varies as the older two girls are more independent readers now but love to tell me about what they are reading! The youngest can independently read stories through pictures. We love that as she’s using her imagination.

And this BM takes reading to a whole new level with ~ I like the feeling of being lost in a story together or that we are on an adventure together. We make references to the story when we’re not reading – ‘that’s just like Gregor when he xxx” or this park is how I imagine the one in xx. Or we retell the jokes. I also like when my son asks questions about a character’s motivation and we can talk about what we might have done in the same place. I like the way he shows me a completely new perspective on something in the story as well. I could talk about this for ages so you can tell I really enjoy reading with him. 

This BM was another phenomenal lover of stories and experiences through books. Over a coffee and surrounded by books, she shared stories about them all. We kind of summarised our discussions with ~ I loved reading with my children as it gave us a change of pace and it truly was quiet time; it created a loving environment; I loved my kids reactions to the story and being able to link it to every day life at home and people and places around the world.  I love it because it fosters curiosity and knowledge and it draws people in and brings them together.

This synchronistic BM offered ~ I love reading to my daughter. It’s our way of going on an adventure together while we explore new words and pictures.  I find G often reading books to herself, repeating the words she’s heard me say. She get’s quite upset if we don’t read every book in the pile before bed.  What I love most is watching how she interprets the pictures and points out their meaning to me.  Each night I see better language and more connection with the story. I love how reading provides stillness and presence to my day, plus it’s such an enjoyable way to cap off the day sharing these stories with my daughter.

This switched on BM articulated a forgotten reason of my own ~ I liked being able to revisit the books I loved as a kid and reading the books I liked especially as I’m reading them over and over again.

With guilty pleasure, this BM shared ~ I liked making funny voices and then changing character voices around to see if my boys noticed.

Didn’t I tell you they were insightful and amazing? I love knowing that there are people out there that value and experience all these joys on a regular basis.  

When you buy a book, you are gaining so much more than fairy tales and morals of the story.  You are investing in all of the above which itself is a kind of magic. What value can you put on that? You’re right, it’s priceless. 

So may I tempt you into investing in a treasured picture book to share with a treasured young one in your life? I celebrate your interest we can make an exchange through paypal, I invite you to click through.  And, I thank you.

And I thank these gems too! A special Shout Out to these brilliant mums and dad for sharing their precious reading moments with me. Thanks Wendy, Kristina, Chrissy, Caz, Amy, Amy, Andrea, Katy, Brenton, Prep Parent, Blonde Parent, (names are just labels right?) Dee, Susan, Julie, Jo, Philippa, JoJo, Susan, Ruth & Amanda! I could not have done this without you. And you truly touched my heart. Thank you.


Do you still wanna read some more and find out what the kids themselves get out of youreading to them? I’ve borrowed this article from a reputable source http://www.teachreadingearly.com/benefits-of-early-reading.php

Why write a book?

Fun, Quality Time & Memories … These are the 3 key reasons I decided to write (and illustrate) my own children’s book. 

As you can see, I’ve been sharing stories with my daughter since before she could walk or talk. Being a fan of words n stuff, I’ve always been analyzing how stories are crafted together and what makes one story more fun to read than another.  Especially when you’re reading it a thousand times over.  (Parents everywhere are collectively rolling their eyes recalling that one book.  The one they can read with their eyes closed. Sigh.)

But then you have the Fun stories – the incredulous ones where gingerbread men can talk and run, and red sheep, blue sheep, go the f*** to sleep sheep made you smirk.  They were quite okay to read over and over again. Enjoyable even.  Let’s have more of them! 

They say Fun = Joy. They say that Joy is one of the highest frequencies you can resonate at.  I like to make people smile.  Make them feel joy.  And especially kids because they’re so quick to laugh and have fun. It brightens my day!

The books that I found most Fun were the silly, rhyming ones … Dr Suess springs to mind as the king of this craft.  I discovered with the rhyming stories, I fell into a rhythm and melody in my reading. It became more fluid and free, like a sing-song read-along.  

So whilst you are singing along (and hitting occasional potholes) in my story, you’ll start noticing layers.  And then you’ll notice layers within those layers.  Yeah, sure, you think it’s a simple treasure hunt, children’s book. Ha!

The basis of 80% of my creations is colour!  I can’t explain why I have this compulsion other than I love rainbows.  They’re like magic in the sky.

My story follows the rainbow.  
Within the rainbow, I’ve built in numbers.
Within the numbers, I’ve built in fruit.
Within the fruit, I’ve built in shapes.
Within the shapes is where it becomes sacred geometry.

I believe if you are going to hang and have some Quality Time with your young one, it should be stimulating for you too!  Right? The layers within layers aren’t too confusing.  I’m a simple kinda complex girl.  If I can’t bring it back to basics, then it’s not gonna stick.

Sometimes as a parent, I can forget to build and make space for Fun, Quality Time to build Memories.  Life gets in the way.  Those times when I do make it a priority… well, my whole being smiles and life becomes sparkly again.  That’s the magic of books – they put you in a bubble and it’s nice and cosy in there.

My story is an original and vibrant wonderland for you and your precious little one to share together. You get to hang out, have Fun together, spend Quality Time together and form precious Memories together.  That’s my Why!  Since this is the youngest you (and they) will ever be, it’s the perfect time to keep that magical spark alive.  Go on an Earth Adventure and become immersed in another reality.

Remind me to write an article about why I went to the effort to make my book from fabric.  There is great Wisdom in the Weave.

In Joy!