A Stitching Story Premiere

This article originally appeared on my previous website, aunty kym.com from my visit on 29 March 2017 – a reflection of my first public reading…

I pretended I was a rock star as I strode through the school ground to my final destination. The make it or break it point of my career.  Palms sweaty, heart pumping, mind sharp and consciously recording all the surroundings in its present state, I was alert and calm.

This audience is more advanced than my material.  Will I be able to pique and keep their attention?  Will they be too cool? Will they find it boring?  Have I incorporated my presentation in a way that engages?  Am I going to get heckled by a 9 year old? Am I overthinking?

No wundah I had such fears at Nundah.  I was going to tell a story about the creation of my story and then I was going to tell my story to my daughter’s class.   Its ‘World First Premier’ so to speak.  

Gratefully, this was not new territory to speak and present in front of people.  It started when I was 19 and I call Adult Education & Training my ‘first love’. The adrenalin gives a certain buzz.

This time was vastly different – the age of my audience was much younger and the content so close to my heart.  I was sharing my soul. 

How did it end up? I’m still here to tell the tale and I was even asked for my autograph!  Twice.

The girl that did ask for my autograph got the opportunity to embody the main character by wearing the sparkly shapes that Sunshine Poppy finds on her journey.

It’s an immersive experience reading A Stitching Story, Earth Adventure.  It’s a simple and complex.  It’s bright and tactile.  It’s colourful and fresh.  And it captivates attention.  Phew.  

It didn’t break me. I reckon it will remake me.  


The next test drive will further answer the question … Do kids really like my story? Let’s see if they do.

Put your feet up

Don’t you just feel the relief when you read that title? Put your feet up. Sit back. Relax. Give yourself a moment to stop and be – even if just for a minute. I don’t think we give ourselves permission to kick back enough. So I now give permission to you. You’ve earned it. Life can be so demanding of us. And now here I am demanding that you relax.

Coz I have another story. A re-creation one. And yes, like many others, this involves furniture I found on the side of the road. This time there were two little kid sized armchairs with two little foot stools. There were pretty cute all covered in stars. But the armchairs were beyond my effort (and skill level if I’m honest) so I just grabbed the little foot stools. It seems to be my way 😉

The first one was an easy cover – something purple for my daughter. I had some insanely expensive and not quite appropriate fabric I bought in Budapest left over and it seemed the best use of it to go around the sides. I also had some purple corduroy fabric which fit perfectly for the top. Check it out. It’s pretty cute huh?

Before & After

And then it was time to ruminate over what to do with my foot stool. Whilst the first choice was fun and keeping in theme with my rainbow preference, the glitter top made it quite impractical.

And so it was back to the fabric stash. Where are you strong, stylish woven one? Oh, there you are challenging me. Hey Kym, look at me being all brown and natural. You wanna turn left from your usual colour? I dare you.

So, it suckered me in and the spots and stripes complimented each other. And this fabric was Strong and made to last. So I got snipping and stitching. It looked something like this…

And I like it. Lots. My feet barely rest on it and I don’t think it really matters. I keep it close by and it comes in handy.

So yay. Another project complete!

In Divine Time

It was August 2016 when I found them on the side of the road. They were grungy, smelly and in some major need of Kymspiration. But just look at their beauty and potential…


It would be the start of 2017 before they were stripped back to their raw state and here they would sit and wait. Oh so patiently they would sit and wait.


Fabric was playing hide and seek with me. Would we dress them this way or that way? Even working for an upholsterer with metres and metres of fabric dancing under my eyes didn’t bring me the joy I was seeking. And then I discovered the forbidden corner and nothing could compare to the beauty of this print. How could the right side and the wrong side be so perfect? Ah!


And then much to my surprise and delight, the cushion covers came together perfectly on the first go! It must’ve been all those years of practice finally paying off. Either that or I was in my genius flow and guided by love. Probably both. But as they started to come together, a new awareness formed …


Yes they are living entities! And they are speaking. And they are telling me a story of how they will fulfil their purpose with me. We will work together.

At the beginning of 2019, chairmates.club formed. And here we are! My chairmates now grace my header, overseeing all that is contained within. I’m still piecing it all together, building upon the past and dreaming the future into each now moment. I’m so honoured to have you here.

May your body be seated comfortably and your mind be ready for some Kymspiration. Even I’m not sure where we will go but I know it will contain elements of the sacred, play and colour.

Join the journey if you please …