Sacred Ceremony

Here I stand with ‘The Guardians’ 5.5m tall smoky quartz crystal geodes. I resonate closely with Earth Medicine and the Natural world which are the basis of the elements I bring to my practice. I am honoured to share them with you!

Sacred was my word for 2019. And it certainly was a sacred year! The pinnacle was entering into the Goddess Wheel of Magic group and experiencing the power of intent, communion, journeys and activations when aligned with a collection of souls. Normally, I’m a lone ranger, so this was next level.

Not long after, I began a new practice which has taken over my every day. It ticks all my major boxes. By showing up each day, I slow down and connect with nature; I create a piece of art; I meditate; I stretch; I breathe; I am grounded and I’ve been active. The impact of this small section of time is incredible. As are the pieces of art 🙂

Magic Mandalas is what I generally call my current practice. ❤

Okay, I’ll say one thing … I’d love to see a space you have created for your sacred! Send me your pic and a few words about your installation to and with your permission, I’ll include it here. Peace.
Or, … express your interest in creating your own sacred space and ceremony. Sacred Sessions are in development and will be offered soon. Join the sacred circle to find out when.