Celebrating the colour at St Catherine’s

This post was originally published on my previous website of my visit on 21 April 2017…

Recently, I had the opportunity to share, read and perform my book, ‘A Stitching Story, Earth Adventure’to the Year 1 students at St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School.  What an adventure it was!  

It all started with, “Good Afternoon Aunty Kym and Peace Be With You.”  

From that moment, my heart swelled with gratitude and humility and I was abuzz with happiness.

But people tell me, ‘Kym, you’re too much about feelings, I’m a facts and figures kinda person. You can relate to me better with cold, hard details,’ so, let me throw a few of them your way …

100% of children gave me their undivided attention.  That’s 40 sets of five year old eyes staring up at me with mouths gaped. Unreal.

100% of children can remember the shapes, their colours, and the order they are in.

60% of children chose to draw in the activity after the reading.

40% of children undertook the writing component of the activity.

40% of children state the zig zag berries are their favourite part of the book.  Even though it is a fruit I have made up, one child has tried them before!

25% of children liked the lemons!

25% of children liked the characters – Sunshine Poppy and Lavendula.

1 child walked on my fabric book (!) but didn’t leave any footprint.  Lucky escape.

So, that’s all pretty cool direct feedback I received.  But I need to share a feeling side to this story.  I had a significant interaction that blows me away.

So there we all are, reflecting on the story, looking at the fabric pages, discovering how the shapes work (they get magnetized to my apron) and drawing our pictures or writing our words.  I get to walk around and answer questions, help draw hexagons and gather further insight into what works well with this age group.  

I come across this picture.  It’s kick arse wow.  This boy has gathered ALL of the elements of the story in his drawing.  The flowers are nutso!  I’m so impressed.  I ask if I can take a picture.  He agrees. I take a picture.

And now in true primary school style, we had a bit of ‘he said, she said’ business going on 😉 …

He said to the teacher, ‘Aunty Kym really liked my drawing and she took a photo of it!’  He felt very special and proud by this.

Mrs Johnston said to me, ‘Well, there you go, this child said ‘this’ to me and he neverengages in schoolwork or activities.  You got him.’

‘He said, she said,’ complete.

I am overcome with love that an innocent, simple interaction such as this, had such an impact. I love that these things occur as a result.  I think I’m starting to really LOVE what I do.  I believe I will do more … More visits and presentations and immersive experiences of this playful, colourful story.  

The next part I intend to share is some background and insight into A Stitching Story, Earth Adventure to highlight what is in it for you as a parent.  Why I actually wrote a children’s book for you!

If you are interested in following the evolution of my story, I’d love you to join me.  Choose your preferred platform and find me here. (link forthcoming)

Or, if you are within the metro Brisbane area and you’d like to interact with my story in your prep or year one classes … please, send me a message here.

It really scares me, and I love that!

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