The nine gifts of Nundah in action

This article was originally published in the Nundah State School newsletter on 23 October 2018. It was a pivotal moment in the journey to birthing in that I surprised myself by being able to craft these covers together and have them fit perfectly Once making them, it gave me the confidence to put the finishing touches of my long-loved and long-awaited chairs which are now the focal point of my work here.

You never know what lovely thing you do for another will bring to you 😉 Please enjoy!

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Like all good gifts, it started out with a knowing. 5CR had some pre-loved chairs appear in their classroom and they looked well, let’s say a bit under the weather. Knowing they are creative beings, the fairy’s decided they just had to bring new life to these chairs for the bright students to enjoy.

The fairy’s were optimistic that they could find the perfect solution so they were collaborative in their approach.They visited a local business, 100m from the school who specialise in these matters – Opulent Soft Furnishings – and inquired if they had some lovely fabric to keep in with the cactus theme of the classroom. They did!

The fairy’s then collaborated with the teacher, Ms Rogers to ensure she was happy with the selection too. She was!

Next came the biggest challenge of them all – being self-managing and resilient to find ways to get the job done. The fairy’s worked away in the holidays and over weekends so as not to disrupt the local business. After all, they were kind enough to let them use their premises and sewing machines.

They unstitched, ironed, cut and re-stitched the materials making sure they could recycle as much of the original pieces they could. They are thrifty that way.

Sometimes they found it didn’t come together the first time so they were very resilient towards their work. This also allowed them to be reflective on where things didn’t work and how to improve on the task.

The fairy’s fancied they were a bit like the Elves and The Shoemaker working away in secret. They demonstrated how they were optimistic and self-managing as they wanted have the new chairs ready for when school returned.

And they did! But then, the fairy’s received a wonderful surprise in return…

As a kind and thoughtful way to articulate her gratitude, Ms Rogers wrote a touching thank you card saying she wanted to take the chairs home but she wouldn’t as they should be shown off to the world. So the fairy’s put their creative minds together to articulate their own words and show how the nine gifts of Nundah State School work in action not just within the school.

They also wanted to share if you were looking for your own custom made curtains, blinds, cushions or upholstery, Opulent Soft Furnishings (next door to Loose Ends) is the place to go. For them, it’s important that you love the place you live (and work).