Welcome to chairmates.club  ::   I trust you are comfortably seated!

Hey! I’m Kym and my legacy is to increase smile lines! I aim do this through a number of avenues :: by writing and illustrating stories for adults to share with their kids :: through guided meditations to ease your mind of its troubles :: joining with you for sacred ceremony to flow through a rough patch :: and through sharing my joy of fabric and furniture transformations.

The name chairmates.club comes in because I appear to have an obsession with chairs and items you can sit on. Also, for me it is important that you are comfortable when you read, meditate and perform ceremony. Those lovely chairs you see up there in the header? ^^ They are the driving force that brought all of my work/play together here for you.

I invite you to click around my online home and interact with the parts that interest and intrigue you most. It is a continually evolving story of my creative endeavours. I also invite you to stay connected through your preferred online portal – you’ll find the links as you journey through.

I credit my creative spirit for all the offerings I present here.

With a friendly smile, I thank you graciously for visiting and wish you a little magic, colour and fun in your day!

Kym McCabe